Saturday, March 19, 2011


(Whisper mode) I've been keeping a little secret. I'm not sure if I should tell you. What if you laugh? What if you cry? Okay, I'm pretty sure you wont cry. What should I do?

Here goes.

I'm.....................................doing some small-time catering.  Shew~I'm glad I got that out.

How many of you thought I was headed to the "I'm pregnant" announcement?

That's not happening, so just move your sweet little minds from ever seeing those words on my blog. 

Anyway, my lovely friends and I, a.k.a, "The Farm Wives"  had an opportunity a few months ago  to cook and serve for 250 people. The serving part wasn't as important this time as much as it was to make sure our main dish turned out fab. And it did. From that stemmed a whole snow ball of events and ideas that keeps us gals slightly busy and excited for our future. 

The best part about who we are in this experience is our commonality in faith. It keeps us grounded and accountable, but the paramount part is our sisterhood in Christ. We all love to cook. And we love us some good wine. Unfortunately though when we have an event, we must get together prior (husbands and all) and try out the meal. You know, make sure it's top notch. It's a tough job.

This weekend was no exception for our upcoming luncheon, as we all just so happened to have a free night to experiment and indulge all in one sitting.

Amy, Megs, & Me

Our husbands and the kiddos had to suffer through with "Gourmet Mac & Cheese" and a "Pear Salad With Pancetta". (Recipes soon to come)

Oh this little one looks sweet and innocent, but she has this thing for organized tax receipts while no one is looking.

This is beside the point. Although point being, that this endeavor isn't just for us but every bit of our family too, and how they experience it with us.

Our website will be up and running soon, but for now I will keep you posted here on our events, along with any mishaps we might run into. I'm sure they'll be plenty, so stay tuned.

Also stay tuned for "Cinnamon Roll Scones With Vanilla Glaze"


  1. Wow! Good for you. This is so exciting, and yes, I did think you were going to say the other thing...tee hee. This sounds like so much fun. I do hope your families survive tasting all of your yummy creations!

  2. Good for you! Sound like a wonderful opportunity. Poor kiddos and husbands having to eat gourmet mac and cheese. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  3. Yeah! So happy for you! How exciting! I thought your secret was that you secretly loved lemon ice cream or cutting onions. Something silly. You're too funny!

  4. @The Hamilton's Shhh, don't tell, I do love to cut onions. I'm pretty darn good at it too. :)

  5. This sounds like so much fun...:)!! But must be loads of work too. Anyway, have a great weekend, I wish I could try some of your gourmet mac and cheese ;)!!

  6. Congrats Ang!! So excited for you!! Definitely keep us posted. Hugs to all of you!

  7. Congrats Angy..I thought for sure that you are pregnant once I read the title:)))) Love your photos, dishes look tempting!

  8. ALL looks great!! Except for the scary pic's of the white ghost named Amy:):) She must be Irish or somthing.

  9. What great news! That's so exciting! I definitely thought you were pregnant too :-)

  10. How exciting!! What a great adventure to partake in :) And that mac-n-cheese?! Holy delicious looking!

  11. Good for you Ang!! I say go for it.. and don't look back! ;)

    ps... your family is beautiful!

  12. That is fabulous news! I wish you all the best. I know it's a lot of work, but if you love cooking, it will be a blast.

  13. Congrats! That is wonderful. Do what you enjoy :D.

  14. Wow! That's so exciting! I wish you lots of success in this venture, and most of all, have lots of fun:)