Thursday, July 28, 2011

House Progress......

I was finishing up with work last week when I got a picture message on my phone from Justin reveling the finished staircase in our new home. Up until that point we had been using the ladder and hoisting ourselves up to see any new progress on the second level. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was. I couldn't wait to get out of work and bolt down to the house to see it for myself. 

To my surprise there was more done than I expected. We have windows! Okay, now it looks like a home. So much so that I was half willing to grab Copper's stinky hairy blanket from the back of my car and make due with the hard floor. I was mentally planning sleepovers and movie nights, dinner parties and luncheons. I never want to leave!

That is until Justin reminded me that there's laws against sleeping in a zone "under construction" and if we were caught they would tear the whole house down and we would die in jail. Okay, maybe he didn't say that last part, but it did cross my mind. Either way, I wasn't willing to chance it.

To suffice my excitement he suggested the next best thing

I told our guests that I was sorry but I didn't have time to mop or dust. 

Unfortunately this only encouraged my impatience to be here. Although I'll take whatever I can get and enjoy these moments for what they are and what they mean beyond just today.

I've learned over the years to make due with my circumstances. That fancy stuff isn't what makes your occasion special. It's the idea that your living and sharing and enjoying the simplest of things, making memories and treasures that go beyond our life here. And underneath all the dust and grime it's the foundation of your family that stands out the most, that decides the joy in your life and laughter too.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little visit from "the peas"

I was finishing up with a client yesterday when in walked one of my most dearest and cherished clients/friends ever.....Sarah, Gigi, and Lulu. I have been doing Sarah's hair for over a decade (I think) and her sweet girls since they were old enough to sit without falling over in my chair. I'm pretty sure a third of my clientele comes recommended from this crew.

It seemed our girls (my Ave and her Gigi) were about a year old when we decided to get together for play dates and casual conversations over strawberry crystal light. It was anyone's guess on those hot summer day's as to which child had the poopie diaper or which one might have peed in the pool.  

I knew Sarah best back then as a meat eater (slash) law school student (slash) lawyer (slash) wife and stay at home mom. But as life would have it, some of that changed quickly as she decided staying home full time with her girls was the most important job she could ever do.

Part of, but not limited to staying home with her girls, was her decision to offer her family a range of healthful foods that not only looked good, but tasted good as well. In her own words she states that her dietary choices had to change dramatically, so she moved to greener pastures along with choosing fresh, organic when possible, meat-free and, for the most part, free of all animal products.

She has her popular blog "Peas and Thank You". An inspiring, encouraging, and relatable site that's just down-right fun to read. You'll find life's endeavours, vegan recipes, and an occasional off the subject quirky post. Call me partial in our friendship but I haven't met anyone that doesn't adore and love her sense of purpose and humor.

So back to yesterday. I was tickled pink when her sweet little peas came in and presented me with The Peas and Thank You Book. Much like her blog, it's personal, readable, and you get all her amazing recipes to boot. It's a win win!

I have to admit from the time they left my salon I was reading and laughing every chance I got. And I might have been a-bit-of-a-law-breaker on the way home while driving as I couldn't help but sneak a peek at the next page.

I wasn't the only one.

Even my little pea loved it. Okay, maybe she's partial in her friendship with Gigi and Lulu.

It's a beautiful book either way whether you're a meat eater or not. And I'm so thankful to have our friendship and her loyalty. 

Love's and congrats to you Sarah and All your peas.

The Farm Wives Cook

My last post mentioned our catering event set for this past weekend. I can confidently say that it was a success. We catered for 55 people and the menu was a full dinner with all the southern fixings, including dessert. Although it was a nail biter at moments we had a blast in our two days of cooking. When I say "moments" I mean the moments when our sixty plus hard boiled eggs wouldn't come off the shell for one reason or another. We pulled just about every trick thought of to get those suckers peeled without the whites looking mangled and ripped. We also pulled just about every trick thought of to keep ourselves from cursing and bagging the deviled egg idea. I now know why they call them deviled eggs. Their just plain evil. 

Or like the mini cupcake holders that wouldn't flatten out in the muffin tin even after we filled them with strawberry batter. These were a real bear! I'm pretty sure there was cursing involved. 

Glad is wasn't me!

I had to frost instead.

Forgiveness comes in the morning and at the end of the day when all the food had been dropped off we all felt extremely blessed to have this opportunity. To cook together for two full days can be a challenge all in itself, but our common interest for food and serving and just plain having fun is what kept us girls going.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Recipe.....Progress Report

Before I share my recipe here is a little progress report on our house project. It's very exciting to watch this come together. It's a nail biter though. Or in my case a cheek chewer. My husband and I stood on the second level and thought for a moment "we have to trust these folks building this home. We have to trust that we're not gonna fall through this floor and land smack on our keisters" Terrible thoughts. We have to resist.

Because when I look at these photos it becomes more real. More exciting. And all the more anxious to be there. 

Our life is not without adventure while we wait. We camped the last two weekends. I'm busy with catering events this next weekend. And Ave looks forward to swimming lessons the last couple weeks of this month. And a lemonade stand.

It's a rough wait.

Or rather dirty maybe.

I'm so blessed. Because I get to go camping and after two days still blowing dust out of my nose? No. Because I have so many special people in my life to share this time with.

One being you and the inspiration I hope to leave you.

This omelet may not come to any surprise, as it's not something unique or even extravagant. But I made it. And it was beautiful. And it was dagome good. Be inspired.

Fresh Tomato Omelet with Swiss Cheese and Spinach


1 whole quality egg
1 quality egg white
1 slice Swiss cheese
1/2 cup fresh baby spinach
handful fresh cut cherry tomatoes(from our garden.....yippee!!!)
handful fresh chopped basil
salt and pepper
splash of water


In small bowl whisk together egg and splash of water(about a tablespoon) Season with a little salt and pepper.

In small nonstick skillet on medium low heat spray cooking spray and pour whisked eggs in pan. Swirl around a bit and cover with lid for 2-3 minutes. When egg is almost firm, but still loose in the center, flip with wide spatula. Turn off heat.

On one side of omelet layer cheese and spinach. Flip the other half over the toppings and cover with lid for 2 minutes or so. Just until cheese is melted.

Sprinkle the top with the fresh tomatoes and chopped basil. And maybe a little kosher salt too. Just for good measure.