Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Farm Wives Cook

My last post mentioned our catering event set for this past weekend. I can confidently say that it was a success. We catered for 55 people and the menu was a full dinner with all the southern fixings, including dessert. Although it was a nail biter at moments we had a blast in our two days of cooking. When I say "moments" I mean the moments when our sixty plus hard boiled eggs wouldn't come off the shell for one reason or another. We pulled just about every trick thought of to get those suckers peeled without the whites looking mangled and ripped. We also pulled just about every trick thought of to keep ourselves from cursing and bagging the deviled egg idea. I now know why they call them deviled eggs. Their just plain evil. 

Or like the mini cupcake holders that wouldn't flatten out in the muffin tin even after we filled them with strawberry batter. These were a real bear! I'm pretty sure there was cursing involved. 

Glad is wasn't me!

I had to frost instead.

Forgiveness comes in the morning and at the end of the day when all the food had been dropped off we all felt extremely blessed to have this opportunity. To cook together for two full days can be a challenge all in itself, but our common interest for food and serving and just plain having fun is what kept us girls going.


  1. I love cooking with friends. It is always so much fun, even with the small frustrations. I am sure everyone enjoyed the food! Well don Farm Wives!

  2. Awwww - you gals are just the sweetest lil group ever. Cooking is hard enough sometimes but cooking and baking for a large group is even harder. Especially when you are trying to figure you all the logsistics of transporting the food. Aggghhh. Glad you still kept your spirits high.
    And I feel your pain about those daggone deviled eggs!!! lol

  3. You are right about the deviled eggs! The strawberry muffins look delicious.Glad everything turned out good.

  4. Great job girls! You are amazing cooks.


  5. You girls did fantastic job...I love your team work! Ohh about eggs, did you tried putting the salt in the water, and after they boil let them stand in that water for 10 minutes(covered), than right under cold water..After the water gets warm, change it and do it is little pain doing all that but it will work like a will peel perfectly! I hope this will help in the future!

  6. @SandraThanks Sandra! We'll take any tips on those darn eggs:)

  7. This is my tip for the eggs. This works for me each and every time. Put water in pot, add about 2 T of white vinegar, let water & vinegar come to boil, add eggs at this point. Set timer once the water comes to its second boil to 9 minutes. Remove from heat and pour out the water, run cold water over the eggs and begin to peel. (I don't wait) and place the peeled eggs back into the cold water while you finish the rest. They never have that odd gray colour around the yolks and peel clean each time. Good luck. And great job on the catering!