Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little visit from "the peas"

I was finishing up with a client yesterday when in walked one of my most dearest and cherished clients/friends ever.....Sarah, Gigi, and Lulu. I have been doing Sarah's hair for over a decade (I think) and her sweet girls since they were old enough to sit without falling over in my chair. I'm pretty sure a third of my clientele comes recommended from this crew.

It seemed our girls (my Ave and her Gigi) were about a year old when we decided to get together for play dates and casual conversations over strawberry crystal light. It was anyone's guess on those hot summer day's as to which child had the poopie diaper or which one might have peed in the pool.  

I knew Sarah best back then as a meat eater (slash) law school student (slash) lawyer (slash) wife and stay at home mom. But as life would have it, some of that changed quickly as she decided staying home full time with her girls was the most important job she could ever do.

Part of, but not limited to staying home with her girls, was her decision to offer her family a range of healthful foods that not only looked good, but tasted good as well. In her own words she states that her dietary choices had to change dramatically, so she moved to greener pastures along with choosing fresh, organic when possible, meat-free and, for the most part, free of all animal products.

She has her popular blog "Peas and Thank You". An inspiring, encouraging, and relatable site that's just down-right fun to read. You'll find life's endeavours, vegan recipes, and an occasional off the subject quirky post. Call me partial in our friendship but I haven't met anyone that doesn't adore and love her sense of purpose and humor.

So back to yesterday. I was tickled pink when her sweet little peas came in and presented me with The Peas and Thank You Book. Much like her blog, it's personal, readable, and you get all her amazing recipes to boot. It's a win win!

I have to admit from the time they left my salon I was reading and laughing every chance I got. And I might have been a-bit-of-a-law-breaker on the way home while driving as I couldn't help but sneak a peek at the next page.

I wasn't the only one.

Even my little pea loved it. Okay, maybe she's partial in her friendship with Gigi and Lulu.

It's a beautiful book either way whether you're a meat eater or not. And I'm so thankful to have our friendship and her loyalty. 

Love's and congrats to you Sarah and All your peas.


  1. Cool! I can see your little pea is seriously reading and all ready to make something from this lovely book.

  2. @ZoeMost definitely......She headed straight for the "funky monkey pie"

  3. I'm touched, Ang. Love you guys. And we were all busting up at the picture of Ave. :)

  4. Sweet is great to have great friends!Your little one is so cute!!!

  5. What a wonderful friendship! And her beautiful book must be such a treasure :)

  6. Looks like a great book! Thanks for the tip!