Monday, July 11, 2011

Recipe.....Progress Report

Before I share my recipe here is a little progress report on our house project. It's very exciting to watch this come together. It's a nail biter though. Or in my case a cheek chewer. My husband and I stood on the second level and thought for a moment "we have to trust these folks building this home. We have to trust that we're not gonna fall through this floor and land smack on our keisters" Terrible thoughts. We have to resist.

Because when I look at these photos it becomes more real. More exciting. And all the more anxious to be there. 

Our life is not without adventure while we wait. We camped the last two weekends. I'm busy with catering events this next weekend. And Ave looks forward to swimming lessons the last couple weeks of this month. And a lemonade stand.

It's a rough wait.

Or rather dirty maybe.

I'm so blessed. Because I get to go camping and after two days still blowing dust out of my nose? No. Because I have so many special people in my life to share this time with.

One being you and the inspiration I hope to leave you.

This omelet may not come to any surprise, as it's not something unique or even extravagant. But I made it. And it was beautiful. And it was dagome good. Be inspired.

Fresh Tomato Omelet with Swiss Cheese and Spinach


1 whole quality egg
1 quality egg white
1 slice Swiss cheese
1/2 cup fresh baby spinach
handful fresh cut cherry tomatoes(from our garden.....yippee!!!)
handful fresh chopped basil
salt and pepper
splash of water


In small bowl whisk together egg and splash of water(about a tablespoon) Season with a little salt and pepper.

In small nonstick skillet on medium low heat spray cooking spray and pour whisked eggs in pan. Swirl around a bit and cover with lid for 2-3 minutes. When egg is almost firm, but still loose in the center, flip with wide spatula. Turn off heat.

On one side of omelet layer cheese and spinach. Flip the other half over the toppings and cover with lid for 2 minutes or so. Just until cheese is melted.

Sprinkle the top with the fresh tomatoes and chopped basil. And maybe a little kosher salt too. Just for good measure.



  1. Ahhhh! It's a house! I am so very excited for you. And tell Ave that Gigi has been BEGGING all summer for a lemonade stand. We want to come to hers. ;)

  2. Ang, congrats on the house..
    Your photos are awesome and your family is beautiful!
    I love your dish, so flavorful and delicious looking! I love this post!

  3. @SarahI'll let Gigi know ASAP when that happens.....

  4. Congratulations on the progress of your home Ang!! How exciting! This omelet looks so delicious as well, yummy! :)

  5. Those cherry tomatoes look divine! The omlette looks it! Glad to hear the house project is progressing...I am so excited for you and your family. It looks like a great spot for a new home.

  6. I thought it was gonna be a grape stand:)

    The omelet looks WOWED...really...too good to miss! Thanks for sharing it.