Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Replacing the old with the new.....And the list goes on.

It's hard to believe we have been at my mom's for almost two months now. Wasn't it just yesterday we were packing all our stuff and making the long thirty minute drive up north? I can't help but feel that we're busier now that we have moved, than when we moved initially. 

Either way our stay has been really great and the hick-ups we've had have been pretty minor. Can I just say though that I absolutely can't wait to have my bed back. Even if our bed is twenty five years old, it smells like old bed, and I roll to the center when Justin lies down. It's my bed. I miss it. 

On the flip side, we've planted more in the garden, made a date for the big garage sell, and Ave is gearing up for her lemonade stand on the next hot day. That is if we ever get the "next hot day". 

I do miss home. 

For many reasons.

I miss the quiet mornings. I miss our dirty old gravel road. I miss yelling at my dog to stay in the yard.......and the list goes on.

Our home was grounds for hardship, laughter and change.  I guess a lot like my moms.

It was Ave's first home. Where she learned to eat, roll over, crawl, walk and talk. Where she had her first bath...her first sleepover...and her first rug burn. Her first cold...her first flu...and the list goes on. Nothing will ever feel quite like our first home. But just as much as I'll miss that old mauve colored house, with the poopie brown trim, I'm equally excited to nest in our new one.

It's a work in progress.

But with two little red boots and a daddy to help, we will hopefully be moved in by fall. 

For now, we live out any purpose we have right here at moms. We build patience...We give lots of grace...We surly bite our tongues...And we eat lots of Abby's pizza........

And the list goes on.



  1. Well, it looks like your house is gonna be just perfect. New memories will be made and a new chapter will start. But so much happens in a house that is truly a home that it's hard to ignore or forget.
    Keep on hangin' on. Y'all sound like a very strong and loving family. God Bless you!

  2. Ange,

    I am so excited for you!! How cool to see your new home being built! And talk a bout a view:)
    God is so good.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see your new place...and I know you're even more impatient. Hope the time flies by quickly...2 months down... xo