Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Generation Of~

My mom comes from the generation of  "nicknacks"  The generation of  "photo albums"  And the generation of  "china cabinets".  All very wonderful things, if you like to dust all your nicknacks, and store all your albums, and actually use the china that's in the cabinet. 

One of the biggest goals I have while I'm with my mom this summer is to help her organize, and rid of anything unused. Myself (as mentioned in the past) feel it's important to go through stuff once a year or so. I realize that some things only get used once a year, but do we really need ten thousand mason jars? Really? And by the way, my mom has completely consented to this post and is fully aware that I am exposing her secrets. 

Actually she's totally oblivious. 

Isn't she sweet sipping her tea?

Another goal of mine during our stay here is to spend plenty of time in the kitchen with my mom. Whether it be cooking, baking, barbecuing, or canning, I hope to relive (and possibly recreate) some old childhood favorites. And she always seems to have an old trick up her sleeve.  Have I mentioned she comes from the generation of  "old tricks up their sleeves"?  Like using a plastic knife to cut the lettuce so the remaining leftovers don't turn brown. What?  Or how about taking a piece of cheese cloth and soaking it in vinegar and wrapping up your cheese with it so it doesn't mold. Bizarre! It's gonna be a long summer. 

Isn't she sweet sipping her water?

All in fun this should be adventurous. And I hope to start posting some recipes soon. For now, here's a bit of our menu over the last week.

Grilled Chicken Tacos

Jo Mama's Famous Spaghetti 

Turkey Taco Salad
Mothers Day Stew (by Avery)

By the way, mom wanted me to tell you that "her nicknacks are sentimental and that she's saving them for us kids". 

Okay mom.

She also comes from the generation of  "justification".


  1. What a sweet post..your mom is stunning women, I think I said that before!
    That meal looks wonderful and very tasty!!!!

  2. For those of you with blogger accounts, and aware of the technical problems over the last couple days, then you would notice if you left a comment on this post it was deleted for some reason. It wasn't me, I promise:) Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. Such a sweet post...really enjoyed reading your story about your mom. I must say, I used to have knick-knacks as well, but over the years I parted from them. Only the most precious ones stayed, right in the china cabinet, where it is safely kept.
    You certainly have beautiful memories of your mom's kitchen from your childhood that you can talk about to your children!