Monday, June 6, 2011

Disappointments and Achievements

I set myself up for disappointment when I thought things would slow down once we moved in with my mom.

(Hence the last blog entry was nearly a month ago)

I set myself up for disappointment when I thought my mom and I would have most of her house organized by now.

I set myself up for disappointment when I figured all the spare time I would have would give me plenty of opportunities for blogging and sharing new recipes.

Can you tell I'm disappointed?

If your a blogger like me, and like to read blogs like me, than you know how important blogging is.

Can I say blog one more time? Bloooooooooooooog!


Anyway......we live about thirty minutes from the city we came from. Ave is out of school now, but with work and our big project, we spend nearly everyday traveling back and forth. 

Oh, I also set myself up for disappointment when I thought we would save on gas. 

I shouldn't complain, since I'm sure folks elsewhere are seeing numbers peek at nearly $10.

Maybe life will slow down. Maybe not. But we're all doing great, and the best part is.......I finally have a recipe for you

Wooo Hooo!!!

This is my favorite time of the year for food. Everything is fresher and lighter, and yummier too. My friend Jen had us over a couple nights ago for a early summer BBQ. We had grilled dogs, BBQ chicken wings, Cole slaw, and a nice glass of red. I was in charge of bringing some sort of salad, so I pulled out one of my stashed-away-cookbooks and found one of my favorite summer salad recipes. 

Strawberry Salad

It's really hard not to eat the entire bowl, and then slurp all the dressing off the bottom with a straw.

Quick Summer Salad

1 container(10 oz) of mixed baby spinach and butter lettuce
1 quart fresh strawberries, stems cut and sliced thin


1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1/3 cup sugar
2 Tb toasted sesame seeds
1 Tb poppy seeds
1 tsp minced onion
1/4 tsp Worcestershire
1/8 tsp paprika

*Put lettuce mix and strawberries in large bowl. 
*Shake up all dressing ingredients in medium size mason jar, and drizzle over salad until    desired amount.


Aside from any disappointment I have throughout, it's no match for all the little achievements that bless me along the way.

My baby. Riding her bike without training wheels.

Let Summer Begin!


  1. So glad to see you are still lurking around. I find I am just not at home that often now that the weather is nice so the blogging has slowed down. The salad looks absolutely fabulous! Way to go Ave on the bike!! Summer has definitely arrived!!!

  2. @Lo-moOh my, you are speaking my language. I get so excited when I can sit down for a few minutes and share something. I have missed everyone soooooo much!

  3. Welcome back to blogging! Let's forget about all disappointments and focus on our achievement. Lucky you having summer now...while we are getting the chill at down-under.

  4. @Zoe Absolutely Zoe! The disappointments are few and far between.

  5. Hey girlfriend!! WE're always here for ya so don't you worry about blogging very often. I love the picture of you on the car hood. How gorgeous are you?!?!
    So proud she is riding her bike without training wheels!! I bet she was thrilled!
    This is a great recipe to share. That dressing sound sso good. Perfect for a picnic or outdoor BBQ!

  6. Yes,I agree with Brandie's comments: I love the new pictures of you!!!! SO good to see you post...and what a fabulous salad. It's almost exactly the one my mom makes...yummy. Hope you find some time for yourself this hard to do with a family! Take care, and hope to see you blogging again soon; I've missed you :)

  7. @The Country Cook Your too sweet Brandie, thanks for the compliment!

  8. @Lizzy I have sincerely missed all of you, and catching up on the latest food finds. Thanks for the encouragement Lizzy.

  9. Don't you be disappointment...I don't wanna hear that..I know life get us, and jobs and everything else..but important thing is that you and your family is alright, and everything else will fall into right place, you will see..just take your time and do one step at the time!
    Your salad looks fantastic, I love the bright colors that are screaming summer!
    congrats to your daughter on riding a bike on her own!!!
    I am thinking of you, especially at night when I was always reading at your posts:)))

  10. @Sandra Sandra, I wish I knew you personally:) I remember those late, late nights posting food. I'm enjoying them instead reading books to my little Ave. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Don't worry. I'm sure everything will turn out fine. It is always hard to live up to expectations.
    PS- Your salad looks fantastic!

  12. Congrats to the little one on the bike riding! That is a huge accomplishment.
    Good luck on your projects, and I sure do hope things settle down. We all go through times like this, somehow it will work out eventually. Hang in there!
    As for the salad... another keeper! Strawberries are big in our household and I'm certain this one will be a hit. Thanks!

  13. @Kim - Liv LifeThanks Kim....I appreciate your encouragement. :)

  14. Great post! I bet your little one is happy to ride her bike without training wheels. Hang in!

  15. @Christine's PantryShe grins from ear-to-ear every time.....It's so special:)