Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conquering the hill

Some of the best moments in my day are spent right outside my front door. 

Moments as simple as a naked oak tree exposing all it's flaws in the raw of winter.

I'm so blessed to have a couple days during the week to venture out for a brisk walk and fresh air. The wind brushing my cheeks; the cool air stinging my nose. It's something to cherish and wishing I could do more often.

Just me, the open sky, and my God. There's nothing like it.

Today however, I was equally blessed(in a different way) to have Avery join me. The outdoors to her means adventure, make believe, and cool rocks.  As we headed down the road though she decided this walk would not be worthy of our time if we didn't make it up the great big hill.

You see, we don't live on a nice paved road with sidewalks and newly planted trees; new mothers pushing their baby strollers, and folks waving hello. It's just us and the gravel road. It's just us and the great big hill.

As we journeyed along, we pretended we were lost and homes were no where to be found. We pretended there were grapes on the vine and fresh water to quench our thirst.

We pretended that the hill we were climbing was actually a mountain, but when we got to the top, we pretended we were Rocky Balboa.

Although we were tired and the journey back was just the same, we made simple memories. Nothing was left out because sometimes all you need (and she needs) is time.

Time to feel loved and time to be who we are. Just a couple of girls with our hair pulled back and our lazy pants to suit. We conquered the hill today............

Which one did you have to climb?


  1. I love this! Awesome job conquering that hill. The beauty of pretend. What a wonderful little journey. But love that Rocky impersonation.

  2. What a wonderful writing! I enjoyed every word!
    And believe it or not..LOL every time I workout "eye of the tiger" is on my Ipod:)))

  3. Beautiful story! We've been coasting downhill this week, luckily. Have a great night, Ang and I'll see you tomorrow!

  4. It's amazing how our children can bring us right back to own own childhoods. Those are beautiful pictures and such beautiful countryside that you live in! I get so sick of the hustle and bustle of the city sometimes.

  5. She's so proud! What a lovely way to share a lovely moment together.

  6. Your daughter is so adorable! What a great post :-)

  7. What a great story! And that road looks pretty beautiful to me!

  8. Incredible story and amazing photos you have here.. you have such a lovely family!! xoxo

  9. Like your story of imagination. Very beautiful photos and great "climbing" experiences.