Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was getting ready this morning when I heard my daughter say to prince charming....Prince....I'm pregnant! All with the pretty princess accent. I stood listening while she explained to prince how many they will have. I asked her to come see me and she ran in glowing and twirling her dress and told me she had a surprise for me. I'm pregnant mommy! I asked her how she got pregnant, she said, in my tummy. No honey, how did the baby get in there? There just there mommy. God put them there. Shew! I was a little nervous at how much she really new on the subject, but I sighed in relief, and then it dawned on me that she said them, not him or her, or one. She asked if I would like to meet her new babies. Of course!

She had puppies, bears, an elephant, and I think I see two sheep's on her desk.

Looks like a proud mama. I love the innocence of a child and I plan to keep mine that way for as long as possible. I love that she has no doubt that God would choose her to be the second virgin to have a bear...I mean, baby. She doesn't doubt that her mom and dad will love her and be there for her when she needs us. She doesn't doubt that food is plenty and we will always have a home.
So I'm remembering the next time I doubt......come as children do, expect plenty, and know that I'm given all that I need.

Looks like a proud mama!

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