Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sisters Always

When I was approached with the question growing up "do you wish you had a sister" I always replied, NO! Most would be surprised at that, but as I explained my answer it was clear why. My best friend is my sister. She only had brothers as well as myself, and although I think we still would have been best friends, somehow I think the sister part would have been left out.  

Our moms were good friends so we had no choice but to make it work. It wasn't all that hard though, her and I can be so opposite and you know what they say about that.

We shared just about everything, and looking-a-like was a must in keeping this friendship from dullness. 

My brothers jeans along with her Dads shirts made us twinkies for life.

And with a fight or many over who gets the first piece of cake.......

We would always come to realize that our brothers couldn't possibly understand us, nor did we care, so making up was easy to do.

Some of the biggest most important occasions were done together. Even if we weren't sure what any of it meant at the time. Even if what she said was better than what I said.

Just to have done it with my best friend, my sister for life, was all that mattered. 
As time went on and we both married off, weeks even months would go by without contact. Somehow though, are hearts were still connected and God truly had a plan for us.

Our daughters! Born 5 weeks apart with no idea each other was planning.

If it weren't for these two beautiful Grammies, and the amazing friendship, we wouldn't have these two beautiful girls.

I'll give our husbands some credit. You get my point!

I have no doubt that their friendship will be any less than ours, even with other siblings, it's a heart thing, a God thing that nobody can break. And while their clearly opposite of each other......

they'll manage to find that commonality. 

Just like my sister and I have.

Love you always.

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  1. So I just got my make-up on and decided to look at your most recent blog......big mistake I was crying at the very first picture then the words and still I'm bawling as I type. I love you more than words and life would just not be life with out you. My favorite thing is I don't have a memory with out you in it, and are girls will be exactly the same as far as they can think back there the other will be. Love you sis!!