Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letting go & Holding on

I have a lot of childhood memories to ponder on, but camping has to be my number one favorite. My mom and dad put so much work and effort into making the experience memorable for us kids, (and kids meaning all four of us plus friends) giving a grand total of 8. My mom would cook great meals and clean everything up all with her makeup and hair looking just so. Dad always made sure coffee was brewing and the fire was started in the morning. All of us were taken care of, and nothing would ever change.

 Lots would change though as this weekend approached I anticipated all the new memories we would be making and trying to recreate old ones. Letting go and holding on became a whole new meaning. The're both really hard to do, but satisfying all in itself.

I woke up early to start the fire, make coffee, and remember in the quiet what it was like when my dad was here.

That lasted two seconds.
I guess I'm not the only early riser. These little munchkins were building there memories with hot coco in PJ's. My time was no longer mine. I gladly let go and held on to the silly stories and several potty trips later.

Remember my mom, and all the cooking she would do, makeup done, and hair just so. I'm guessing I looked closer to this as I clearly neglected the beauty department this weekend.
And fed my family mystery meat. Ugh!

 But who cares, I could still see through crusty eyes, let go of some nutritious habits, and hold on to what's so dear to my heart.

My family,

My friends,

Camping has changed, and letting go, well...... I just have to, its part of life, but holding onto to things unfolding in front of me, are treasures that can't be destroyed, or bought with any amount of money. Family, friendships, and sharing my faith is why i'm here.

Let go....hold on.


  1. what a fun camping trip! i will say i don't love cleaning everything up afterwards, but it's so amazing to just live outdoors for a little bit :)

  2. Great pic's Ang! And what a fun time:)

  3. Fun memories:) I can't wait until next year!