Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty school preparation

I had this nightmare last night that I walked into the department stores, and there were piles of clothes sitting on tables to shuffle through.Oh wait, that wasn't a dream. All to real for us moms and dads shopping for the start of the school year. I thought to myself as I was putting it off, she's a preschooler, how hard could it be? I don't need to much time. Get in! Get out!
After a grueling three hours of digging and shuffling I managed to get a quarter of her shopping done for the school year.

I was in pure shock at the amount of money I spent on a 4 year old,
I will only be able to afford hangers for earrings now.

She was in pure shock that they didn't put a smiley face on the receipt like Costco does.

Remember the days when you would come home from the spree and dig right into the bags.

Try on everything, admire yourself, and make sure it twirls properly.

It was exciting, it was new, roses are red and violets are blue.
( I couldn't resist, it rhymes)
Pick out your outfit for the first day, I said, and to no surprise, the heart dress would be the one.

She loves hearts, and I explained that while hearts are beautiful, there's only one that really matters. She pointed to her chest and said.....this one matters mommy, cause it's really what makes me beautiful.

I have many years of this, and I hope that as things change, (and they will) her heart wont. I  hope she knows that no matter how much we spend, or what brands we buy, the only pretty thing about her, should be her heart.

Were tired, I'm broke, and my new earrings hurt my ears. Shopping is done!

Until next month.