Monday, September 27, 2010


We have exactly 10 days and 20 hours before embarking on our trip to Disneyland. You know; the happiest place on earth. Were quite excited to experience Disney in a whole new way, and looking through much smaller eyes.

You see, it's been a few years since our last trip.

Hence the clothes, and mid-drift, and jean on jean. Yikes! I was out of control.

Ohhh man, those socks with sandals, Hot dog! And why is his head so small and hair parted right smack in the middle. My man definitely looks better with age.

All in fun, we really are looking forward to going. For me the best part is the weeks before. The anticipation of getting there, hotel, food, and of course the park itself. We also have the privilege of taking this trip with our great friends making the experience that much more exciting. 

I decided to wait to tell Ave until exactly one month before, due to the constant nagging of, "when are we going already, and why is it taking so long to get here." It's worked like a charm and it's really given her an idea of what 30 days is like. We made a chain and each day she cuts one less link off and gladly puts it back until tomorrow. 

You can imagine the look on ones (4 year old) face when receiving such a surprise. It went something like this.

We present to you something really special. 

Drum roll please!

The faces tell it all, they were thrilled, they were ecstatic, they had no idea these were tickets to Disney, rather just pictures of Snow white. I could have stopped right there and saved a whole lot of money, but Matti figured it out, and they were over joyed.

Even Olivia was excited!

Actually I just told her to say cheese, cause she does it so well.

After an entire 30 seconds of jumping up and down they took notice of the princess stickers in there bags leaving the Disney trip in there long term memories. Reminding us that this trip just wasn't for them.

It took me a long time to convince my husband why it was so important to me to take Avery while she was still little. I could see his point in her not remembering all that much, and a lot of money spent on someone who couldn't really appreciate the value of it. So it came to me one day that this wasn't just for her. It was for us to see her in these tiny feet, and in her tiny mind, still enjoying tea parties and princess dress up while imagining living in a castle colored in pink. When she's 10, her ideas and imagination will be vastly different. Not a bad thing; just different. So he fully agreed!

Oh and I think a retake is in order!

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  1. Avery will love it! I so agree with you on taking them young for that child like awe. Have a wonderful time and don't forget to post that re-take.