Monday, October 25, 2010

It's OK! I'm 5 now!

If I could only show and tell you just how many times since October 14th I've heard Avery say in a very firm and matter of fact tone, " It's OK! I'm 5 now", or "I don't have to do that " "I'm 5 now" it would be enough to write a small book.
I thought I would take some time to notice this weekend when she felt justified to say it, and why her rights to do so much more, or less, changed when she turned Five.
The first encounter I had with "all rights 5 year old" was an evening watching movies with dad. I walked into discover her and daddy watching Pirates of the Caribbean #1. At least she was watching, and daddy was sleeping. (Shocker) Before I could even question her choice of movie , she claimed, "It's OK mommy, I'm 5 now, I can watch blood". I'd hate to see what 15 year old rights are going to look like.

The second time was no surprise, and I can agree, she is 5, and could probably do without.

Avery!!!! It's nap time!!!!

I deserved that look I'm sure, but mama knows best, and a cranky 5 year old at 2:00 in the afternoon is no picnic.

She claimed her rights several more times, and with each opportunity, I had to explain why turning 5 doesn't mean you suddenly rule the house, world, or yourself quite yet; and that you still need to ask to use a peeler, knife, and with out a doubt play video games.

The final cry of her 5 year independence was her request to sleep by her cousin Colby. 

She said he had Copper, I had daddy, and she had no one. "I'm 5 now mom, I'm old enough to sleep by boys". I answered her in the most calm, compassionate way I knew how. "Avery......the only time you can ever sleep next to a boy, is when you get married at the age of 40, no question"!!! 

So without delay, I came up with a job she had never done before, encouraging her that it was for 5 and older only. Her eyes got big while anticipating the task ahead, and was more than thrilled to have such a older peoples job.


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  1. crazy! 5 years is such a milestone!