Sunday, October 31, 2010

3rd times a charm

I like the idea of my daughter choosing innocent characters for Halloween. However, when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween this year, she replied(with a sharp answer and valley girl kind a tone) Snow White! Hello! It's not the character that bothers me as it was it being her third year in-a-row as Snow White. I was hoping for anything but her. I wanted to compare pictures along the way as she got older, but what I failed to notice until now, was even though she didn't change much on the outside, there was plenty for me to compare on the inside.




She went from timid, to curious, to move the heck out of the way cause I got candy to get. It's OK, I'm 5 now!

If she wants to be Snow White for the next ten years, I'd say great, because watching her inside character change is amazing all in itself. Her need to be more independent, and take one step further without one of us holding her hand is frighting, but I'm willing to step back, and let her make choices, and experience the highs and the lows from them.

I think she's doing pretty good.

One bucket of candy

One set of silly teeth

And one spooky mama happy to participate 3 years in-a-row.

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  1. Its amazing to see them grow and see who they are going to be..So cool to be their teachers and to just love them:) She is a beautiful little gal Ange!!