Monday, February 28, 2011

Last minute meal

Okay this must be important if I'm willing to do two posts in one day. Actually it was all planned out. My day was planned out, dinner was planned out. I am totally in control and I live a meticulous life.  

You know me better than that. 

Some of you. 

I spent most of the day sifting and looking through all the piled up whatevers, and doing puzzles with Ave. I filed my nails and managed to brush my hair, and teeth too. But lets not leave out folks that I made dinner. A very last minute dinner.

The easiest dinner of all time!

The yummiest dinner, until I make tomorrows.

Chili fries

I know; This is not fancy or creative, I didn't buy my ingredients from France, and I obviously did not spend hours over the stove. But since I had two plate fulls, and I'm eye balling the last bit of fix-ins, I had to share this idea. Plus, I'm probably the only one on earth who has ever come up with Chili Fries right?

Good for you chili fries?

Chili Fries Ala Good For You


Any chili you fancy, preferably the good for you kind (I used my leftover frozen Turkey Chili)
Baked crinkle cut French fries
Any toppings you like

What I did: Heated up chili over stove. Baked off fries until golden and crispy. Topped fries with a little quality cheese, my chili with some liquid strained, fresh avocado, diced tomatoes, chopped green onion, a sprinkle of cilantro, and a splash of fresh lime juice. I drizzled mine with light sour cream and a couple pickled jalapenos.

Holy heavens have mercy it was good. 

Be inspired


  1. I am about to go in bed when I saw this post..this is too cool! First I love that you girl is eating all the veggies and on top of that spicy..and second it looks fantastic and so tasty..
    Now I am going to bed, have to turn away from the kitchen!:)))

  2. These chili fries look sooooooo good!! Love the kick! I wouldn't be able to stop eating them.

  3. I want to know how you get your lil angel to eat tomatoes. Can you come to my house and train my son, please!!!
    Chili fries...ooooohh. I am inspired - thank you very much ;o)

  4. Looks wonderful to me!

  5. @thecountrycook Maybe it's because I ate so many tomatoes when I was pregnant Brandie. :) She loves avocado too!

  6. This is making me crave some carne asada fries I had up in Washington State! Oh my! These look so delicious. Avocado is the best!

  7. Good for you Chili Fries? That your child will gobble? That's an awesome recipe!

  8. Oh yum! My husband was just talking the other day about making some kind of crazy french fries for diner one night. I am going to have to show him this!

  9. Ang, isn't it great when something so simple tastes so wonderful? Love that your sweet girl gobbled it up :)

  10. Holy Heavens Have Mercy...
    You are my favorite blogger of the evening simply because you said that :)
    I don't dare show this to Dave because he will wonder why I don't cook like this for him...

  11. @CaryMake the man some chili fries already!!! :)

  12. Yum.. Looks great!!! That was one happy little girl

  13. Fantastic! It is so beautifully decorated that it doesn't seem last minute to me.

  14. Yum that looks great! I love pulling together last minute meals out of what's in the kitchen. I have fries in my freezer so I may have to try this soon!