Monday, February 28, 2011


I wont dare leave my fellow followers in suspense.

I would like to announce.....

From one blogger to another.......

A recipe first.

Did you really think you'd skip out of here without a recipe???

Didn't think so.

It wont take long. 

I followed every step of this recipe with the exception of adding a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Her name is Katie and you'll find the recipe here at This chick cooks. I stumbled over it on Saturday morning while my family was still deep in sleep.  I knew my time was limited so what happened next was nothing short of what I normally do on a weekend morning. I threw off my robe (fully clothed underneath of course)  pulled my unwashed hair back (washed my hands after that of course) and dreamed of summer nights at the fair while I made these amazing funnel cakes. Did I mention my teeth weren't brushed either? Do you care?

Here's how mine turned out and then will get to the good stuff.

Caution: You may eat more than one.

Caution: You may have sugar overload.

Caution: Your children may too.

Alright, what you 20 something folks have been waiting for........

THE WINNER IS...........

Using Random.Org.........

Lindsay from An Ordinary Girl!

Congratulations Lindsay on your new blender and kitchen towels. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.  I'll be contacting you soon!!!

Thanks to the rest of you for entering and sharing all (or none) of your favorite chowder recipes. 



  1. Oh boy - funnel cake. You and I must be on the same brain waves sometimes Ang. Well, you and my She made funnel cake sticks for us this weekend. There can never be too much powdered sugar, in my opinion. I need to make this. I had forgotten how much I love funnel cakes.
    Ok bad joke time (hope no one gets offended). What is 100 feet long and has one tooth?

    The funnel cake line at the West Virginia state fair. Sorry - horrible joke - couldn't help


  2. @thecountrycookLOL!!! Love it Brandie! Unfortunately in most cases, it's true. :)

  3. Congrats to Lindsay!
    Your Sweet treat look amazing, don't think that it would be any left in my house as total sugar overload..they are hyper-active enough:)))
    Looks really tasty!

  4. Oh yum I will have to make this, this week:) I can't wait for summer nights!!!

  5. wow, that looks waaaay too good! I think I will NOT make this...

  6. I laughed seeing your picture describing the effect of sugar overload...LOL

    Have not tried funnel cake before and this looks yummy to me.

  7. Ang, I'm so glad that your family enjoyed the funnel cake! Thanks for letting me know so I could come check out your post :) Those chili fries also look delicious. Have a wonderful day!

  8. I've never made funnel cakes, but know they'd be a huge hit! I need to put this on my bucket list of recipes...they cook SO good.

  9. I haven't made those in years! They look yummy! How risky to give those to the kids. Probably wasn't much peace in the house after that for a while (-: