Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's never ending

As you all know Christmas is just days away, and I'm doing everything I can to stay on top of laundry, dishes, baking, and just about anything to do with an orderly home. For any of you with children, why, it's impossible to keep a tidy home for more than a couple hours. For some, no more than a couple minutes. I leave one room clean, head to the next, only to find the room I left is now a shambles. It's a vicious cycle I'm learning to live with, and be thankful I have someone to clean up after.

Unfortunately tidiness isn't the only problem in this home. My stuff is often found and being used for experimental, and creative play.

Where she happens to find all these things is beyond me but I give her extra credit for creativity. 

I often wonder if I just don't spend enough time with her. If her self entertainment is a cry for attention. 

I had some making up to do, so I decided a movie night would be perfect. But not just any movie.  A movie filled with hard lessons, strong faith, and a reminder to cut myself some slack. "Return of Nanny McPhee" With that said, there was only one more thing to complete our night.

I'm not going to give a special secret recipe for popcorn. However I will tell you how we jazzed up this one and made it very appropriate for this time of year. Making our movie night a little extra special.

Christmas corn 

1 Tb melted butter and 4 drops red food coloring

1 Tb melted butter and 4 drops green food coloring

Make your popcorn over stove-top  as directed on bag of corn, only I used 1 Tb canola oil.
Pour prepared colored butter over the top, salt and stir. I didn't use all of the butter in mine but feel free.

  Miss, Nanny McPhee, how I love thee.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. And how much I wish I had a magic stick to put everything back in order. But most of all I was surprised that while my time with her is important, she is just as content to explore and find herself on her own. 

 And making a mess is part of it. 


  1. That's a snowman, obviously. :)

    See you in the morning!!!!

  2. :)) your house looks much like mine after kids use my stuff for there tends, and experiments :)))) Popcorn..I never tried that,now I will! My eyes just pooped out looking at it!:)))))btw your daughter is so beautiful!

  3. So I don't even have any children of my own but I love that movie! And I would love to have some of that popcorn the next time I watch it :)