Monday, December 6, 2010

Three parties down

After spending an entire weekend focused around food, one would think cooking is far from my mind. Not so, my friends. I'm inspired that much more, and my ideas have me thinking far beyond Potlucks and casseroles.

Party #1

Jewelry inspired

Amazing jewelry

Delicious eats

Great friends

Amy's Jewelry is personal, and has a unique, but versatile style. Check it out at .

I on the other hand, am busy with Megs trying new dishes, and reinventing new and old ones. We might have been somewhat ambitious this weekend, but we're both excited for whatever this may bring, and only encouraged our entertaining ideas. 

Party # 2

Civil war inspired

Mini cheerleaders

The typical gang(and no, that is not a woman's leg)

Game food

Oh, and victory I should mention, but still love ya guys who play the other way:)

Party # 3

Volunteer inspired

5 cooks, 5 hours, 250 people

Those are really the only pictures I took with my camera because it was a non stop, "Dinner impossible" style supper. I now know what I'm capable of.

As I close for the night(possibly the week) and catch up on some much needed rest, I must leave you with a sparkly treat. I served this at the first party, and is sure to please the eye, and taste. Also the perfect Holiday bubbly.

Holiday bubbly

The process

Use your favorite Pom/Cran juice

Give it a little kick

Pour and mix in carafe 

Fill up glass half way

Top it off with some bubbly fun

Holiday bubbly (serves 6-8)


3 cups cranberry/pomegranate juice
1 cup Grand Monarch(orange liquor)
1 bottle quality champagne
fresh or frozen, cranberries 


Mix juice, and orange liquor in carafe; chill in fridge at least 1 hour. In martini glasses, fill with juice half way, and finish it off with champagne. Drop a few cranberries in.