Thursday, November 25, 2010

Maintaining Thankfulness

A Thankfulness rhyme:

After a long two days of hustle and bustle, making pies, and preparing for 20, my kitchen needs a touch up and I'm all out of money.

I will maintain thankfulness

With kids playing here, and folks standing there, food never ending, but we happily cheer.

I will maintain thankfulness

The nights come to an end, all has went home, my feet and back hurt, but still I may roam. What shall I eat? Some taters and a role, Nah I see pie, just give me a bowl.

I will maintain thankfulness

There is much to be thankful for, but lets not forget, all the families with needs, in hopes they'll be met. Thankfulness should run through each and everyday, not just once a year, when we want to say, Happy Thanksgiving, or how about Merry Christmas, try to be thankful, and do your everyday living. 

I will maintain thankfulness 

I will maintain thankfulness because I have nothing to loose. Life is to short but it's not without purpose. What we do here, makes all the difference there, It's all about the journey, for what he's prepared. I pray for your hearts, to those who may read, that you will maintain thankfulness, and plant many seeds.

Lets maintain thankfulness


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